In monastic communities, various types of activities are performed, which are called obediences.

Hermits and recluses call this work handcraft or needlework

The main handcraft in our cell is the production of icons. In order to pay maximum attention to each icon, they are made by the hands of the brothers from the first to the last step. Relics containing Orthodox shrines are set into ready-made icons, after which they are consecrated at the relics of St. Nicholas and other saints who are in the cell.

We try to specialize in ancient and little-known icons, the originals of which we meet on pilgrimage trips to the Orthodox East. Some copies happened to be found in the most remote places of Mount Athos. But, at the request of believers, we can make any icon.

For icons, we choose arrays of valuable wood species: cypress, Lebanese cedar, mahogany, ash wood, oak and olive.
Handmade and solid wood are the guarantors of the quality and durability of icons that can become part of the family and be passed down from generation to generation.

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